Currently remaining at the online channel is really important in order to get a competitive position in the market, and also it is a good way to reach new clients. There are lots of companies, however, which do not know how to create effective plans and actions to achieve more traffic in their webpage, online sales, and even more important to engage its digital customers. For this reason I consider that it is quite relevant to explain how inbound marketing funnel works, because it might help many people who are not sure about how to start (or continue) with their online strategy.

First of all, the inbound marketing funnel is the path that the potential customer follows from he starts looking for a product or a service in internet until he buys it or the company achieves his engagement or loyalty. This funnel consist of four parts or stages: reach, act, convert and engage. All of them are very important and it is necessary to take care the fourth steps.


In this first stage customers are seeking in internet some information about products, services or another stuff, which is known like exploration. Basically, you have to get that the customer visit your online place.  In this way, there are many tools in order to attract visitors and to stand out among other competitors such as search engines, social media, publishers, blogs or word of mouth. Perhaps the first three are the most important and effective. Regarding to search engine, it is possible to use pay per click campaigns or to optimise the webpage by:

  • Keywords
  • Website speed
  • Submitting the site index
  • Social media signals (likes, followers, comments)
  • Inbound links

In social media there must be much interesting content for the target customer so that interaction is enhanced, which will make others to know your company, product or brand easily, and do not forget that the same strategy in the blog works. In case that some customers have already try your product, it is good to encourage them to explain and share their experience.

In order to meet the results of the strategy, it is always interesting to measure some items, for instance, in this stage followers, fans, visitors or inbound links are key measures.


In this step, once the customer is in the website there should be something that gain his attention so that he spends more time in your page, blog or community. This could be content which is relevant, inspirational, useful or problem solving. It means that the time that the customer is in the webpage must be worth.

In addition to this, it is quite interesting to subscribe them to a mailing list. In this way, it is possible to be closer to the customer and to remind him of your brand. Also, thanks to this tool you are able to facilitate the sale by discounts, personal offers or stuff like this. But before you need to obtain the visitor’s contact details which sometimes may be difficult to get. At the moment that they land upon the website, you can ask their contact information. However, in my opinion this is not the best option. On the other hand, it is more recommendable to offer some gift, whitepaper, eBook or something free and valuable for them.

In order to measure the results, there are some key measures such as time on site, shares, comments, likes, leads or contact mail.


This point is likely to be the most difficult in the process due to it is the moment in which the potential customer turn on to a real customer and decide to purchase the product. To achieve the sale it is important to have led a good e-commerce process and to carry out efficient policies in product, price and promotion.

Another remarkable think is to keep in touch with the contacts that you got it in the previous step by e-mails, updates in social media, blog posts and more offers with free gifts. Also, they need to get deeper details why you are the best option in the market so that content should be more commercial. In addition, you will find more purchases if you drive them to the sales webpage.

Eventually, the results can be measure by analysing orders, revenue or the average of the order value.


Last but not least, once the customer has purchased your product you must ensure that he is happy with it and feels that the product or the service is more special than he expected. Afterwards, it is extremely important to keep in contact with your customer by sending more useful information, asking him about the product or service, and enhancing him to recommend your brand or to share his experience. This is the best marketing for your brand and it may be a great source of new clients, starting the process again.

Repeated purchase or referral are two key ways to measure the results that you can achieve thanks to this step.


With the inbound marketing funnel it is possible to increase the traffic and the sales in a webpage by uploading attractive content for the customer. This may be a long process until starting to see the results but you must be constant and keep in touch with the visitors a clients.

If you have any doubt about how it works, just leave a comment and I will answer as soon as possible!


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