E-mail marketing campaigns are more than just sending emails. These marketing actions must be considered as a useful channel in which you can be in touch with your users, continue offering new promotions, and also engage them to your brand. However, to get all of this, it is necessary that people who receive your emails open and interact with them.

How to create the perfect email? How to persuade the users of opening your emails when they have other twenty in their inbox? How to make your offer more attractive in order to obtain clicks and visits to your website?

Whether you are starting with your email marketing strategy, or you have been developing it for years, there are eight components which you need to pay attention to make your campaigns more effective.


To get the lector attention, a subject is needed. This is the first thing your users will see before opening the email, and also it will make a difference between a high open rate and failure. Due to this, it must be relevant for your audience so that you have to know their concerns. For example, if you are sending emails to an entrepreneur list, you need to know that they always have a lack of time to complete all their tasks. Therefore, you have to catch the attention with subjects like “Are you ready to save time in your sales?”. In this way, they will be intrigued and want to know how you can help them.

Another advice related to the subject optimization is to customise emails including the of the individual who receives the mail, or utilising direct actions like “download” or “get it free”.


It is important to create a strong confidence with your subscribers. The sender’s name is another component that will be seen before to open the email so to choose a good name and use it constantly will make readers recognise your emails easily.

Marketing email must be personal. For this reason, it could be good to incorporate an image of the sender with his signature, which results to users more friendly and seems that the email comes from a person. Also you can try different names in order to know which the best option is.


You have to make your emails brief and convincing enough. Marketing experts usually focus on this item strongly in order to optimise their messages. It is really important to get the proper language, tone and design with the final purpose of achieving more clicks.

Firstly, you need to ensure that the mail describes clearly your offer. Write short, convincing, interesting messages. Tell a story, use statistics which can make stronger your words and don’t be afraid to utilise a direct speech. Also, brief paragraphs and pictures are essential because if you write an essay with a lot of text, people will lose interest.


Emails must be visually attractive and the best way to get it is a good picture due to this reinforces the message you want to communicate.

Choose relevant images with suitable quality, which show your offer to the users. For instance, if your product is an eBook you just have to put its cover and this would be right. First of all, your users will look at the pictures of your email.


The purpose of your emails is to obtain clicks on them from your users, and afterwards to turn on clients. For this reason, call to action is likely to be the most important component in your marketing email campaigns.

Whether it is a switch or a link, you need to make sure that your call to action stands out so that users’ eye must be guided to it. For example, putting the call to action in some place of the email in which people do not have to go down along your message is a good action.

In order to optimise the mail use clear actions which transmit importance such as “download”, “sign up now” or “get it today”.

Finally, a great option to optimise calls to action is to include along the text some links and buttons which do not take subscribers down to the same page. In this way, you are giving them more possibilities to click and get more info.


If you want your content to be shared, make it easy for the users. You will not only achieve that your content reaches more people who are not in your data base, but you will be able to increase the number of followers in your social media too.

Include links in order to share the content in all of your emails, giving different options to your users (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…). Another advice to optimise these links is customise with your own message so that if you write a funny email you will get much more audience.


This is important, firstly, because it is illegal not to include a link in which the users can unsubscribe from your newsletters. Also, it is not valuable for you to have in your list contacts who are not interested in your products or services. Offer them the possibility to terminate the service. Actually, thanks to this your open rates and clicks will be more accurate due to you just will send emails to the people who are interested in your products.

It must be easy to find. This does not mean that it has to stand out just like your call to action, but to hide it is not a good idea. If users cannot find it, they might mark your mails as spam and this could harm your reputation.


Have you ever opened an email with your phone and the text was too big, short, small, large… or simply, to move along the mail was difficult? Like for you, the user do not want this stuff.

Design your email marketing campaigns in order to they are adapted to any device. Use some optimised stencils and test them before.


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